New Code of Practice launched to encourage responsible pet ownership

The Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association (OATA) and the Reptile and Exotic Pet Trade Association (REPTA) have joined forces to launch a new Code of Practice for traders and pet owners to help encourage responsible ownership.

The vast majority of non-native pets in the UK are ornamental fish and reptiles so the code outlines people’s responsibilities when they keep animals that are foreign to the UK, in particular the importance of making sure they do not escape into the wild and cause a problem to native wildlife.

The code covers three main issues for pet owners when it comes to buying and keeping a non-native pet:

  • The importance of not releasing the pet into the wild or allowing it to escape
  • The need to properly dispose of old bedding and pet litter so that eggs and pests can’t get into the wild
  • The importance for owners of researching and preparing themselves for all that’s involved in keeping their chosen pet for the whole of its life.

It also urges traders involved in selling pets to:

  • Make sure customers know and understand all the commitments involved for the pet they want to buy
  • Make sure pets are free of pests and parasites as far as possible when they’re sold

Click on the thumbnail to read the whole document.

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